Seekers (Psalm 23 & 24)

Cool reading today, as we hit two of the more famous psalms (Psalm 23 and 24). I connected to these psalms in all kinds of ways but I’ll just share one thing, kind of a personal vendetta I’m on. (Some of you have heard this before, but I won’t stop till I win.)

I despise the fact that Christians have decided to refer to people who are not-yet-Christians as “seekers.” As in, “Oh, they’re seekers,” or “We’re a seeker church,” or “That’s a seeker-sensitive church.”

Why? Well, one reason is that it suggests that Christians are not seekers. Right? “We want to be sensitive to the seekers in the service.” Who are you referring to? The non-Christians. Which implies that Christians are not the seekers. So what the crap is that all about? Seriously. Christians aren’t seekers? Since when? We should be the main seekers. We’re still seeking God, still seeking truth, still seeking life. We catch this idea in today’s reading in Psalm 24:6, “Such is the generation of those who seek him, who seek your face, O God of Jacob.” That’s not referring to non-Christians, it’s referring to those who have “clean hands and a pure heart,” who “do not lift up their souls to an idol.”

I always want to be a seeker. In fact, the title on my church business card says, “Lead Seeker.” I want to have a church of seekers. In fact, our motto is “Stripping Church. Seeking Life.” I want to be part of, and part of leading, a generation of those who seek Him.

So, will you join my crusade? No more calling non-Christians seekers. They can be seekers if they want, but all Christians are seekers.