So (Acts 6)

In today’s reading (Acts 6) one word popped out at me, almost like in 3D. It was the word “So.”

The first part of the chapter tells this brief story about how the widow’s weren’t receiving the food from the church they were supposed to. The apostles decide that their responsibilities are prayer and reading/teaching God’s Word NOT distributing food. Seven guys are chosen to lead the food pantry, the apostles agree with the selections, and pray for these dudes.

The second part of the chapter reports that the church is experiencing rapid growth, with even Jewish priests deciding to become Christ-followers.

But inbeween those two sections there is one word … “So.” So is a connecting word. “I don’t like ice cream so I’m going to eat cake.” “It might rain today so I’m bringing an umbrella.” And so, it leaves me with the impression that the dramatic growth the church is experiencing is a result of the decision by the apostles to focus on prayer and the Word, and the church accepting that decision, and people stepping up to lead the food ministry.

And so, if maybe we’re to understand that those are conditions for growth in the church, and if your church is not growing, what does that tell you? Or if you’re starting a church that you hope will grow, what does this say about what you need to do?