The Alternate (Acts 1)

I love the book of Acts, so I’m excited that today’s reading (Acts 1) begins our reading through it. Couple thoughts I had….

I would have loved to listen to Jesus talk about the Kingdom of God. For forty days. Wow. Seriously, what do you think He said?

Jesus says to not go out without the Holy Spirit ‘s power. Wait for the Holy Spirit’s power. When you receive that power, then you can be my witnesses. Again, wow. What if, deep in our heart, that was our theology? We can’t go out without the Holy Spirit’s power. I need to wait for the Spirit’s power. We can by Jesus’ witnesses IF we have the Spirit’s power. Seriously, what might that change?

The whole choosing of the new apostle thing is weird. I can picture people saying, “Matthias, you’re an apostle?!” And he’d be all, “Well, I was an alternate, but yeah…” And Joseph called Barsabbas (also known as Justus) being like, “Whatever. There was a hanging lot. I was robbed.”