The Road to … ? (Proverbs 10)

Today’s reading (Proverbs 10) repeatedly contrasts the wise and the foolish, the righteous and the wicked, the path of a person of integrity and the crooked path of a crooked person. And every time the wise are told that their road leads to reward, while the wicked are warned that their road leads to ruin.

The deceptive thing is that you can’t necessarily tell what road you’re on from the current driving conditions. Sometimes the foolish have smooth rides where they’re prospering and having more fun, while the wise are hitting potholes and suffering along the way.

So there’s the rub: How do you convince someone that they’re on the wrong road, when it feels like the right road? It may be even more difficult here in Vegas, where the road to ruin is even more glitzy and glamorous. But that’s our challenge.