The Week In Brief(s) (3/15/09)

Every Sunday I’m sharing a recap on some of what happened that week. It will be quick (in brief) and I’ll write in my underwear (in briefs). Here ya go:

  1. I preached at Heritage Christian in Peachtree City, Georgia, a suburb of Atlanta. I hated driving around Peachtree – please, get some street signs!! – but really enjoyed my time at the church.
  2. I finished “designing” our small group system, and I’m almost done with our hospitality/assimilation system. Each is laid out in like a 40-50 page document, so we’re talking about some serious detail. Will they actually be effective in real life? We shall see. We shall see.
  3. Brainstormed some ideas for future art pieces for the First Friday art festival. I’m also trying to think of strategic ways to tie First Fridays to our Sunday morning services (once we have services).
  4. Met with Benji Zimmerman from Central Christian. He’s helping me think through some stuff. I really like that guy. You should check out his blog.
  5. Worked on a proposal to give casinos for how the chaplain thing might look and take shape. I’m totally stoked about the possibility. I have a meeting coming up on March 23rd where I’ll present it.
  6. Met with a couple people who might be interested in becoming a part of Verve. And I’ve got several more of those meetings scheduled.
  7. Worked on “Converge” – which is church planting project management software. It breaks church planting into a massive to-do list to help make sure you don’t miss anything you need to do. It also offers “how-to’s” on each of the to-do items. It’s very, very helpful (I would totally recommend it) but also kind of exhausting.
  8. Robb and I met with a guy named Richard who works with YWAM (Youth With a Mission) and is running a very cool ministry in one of the worst areas of Vegas. They are feeding people, offering GED courses, etc., etc. We wanted to see how we might be able to partner with them. And we might, but man, that guy is unbelievably knowledgeable about Vegas. Wow. Especially what’s going on ministry wise. It was an education.
  9. Went to the first class of the Stand Up Comedy workshop I’m taking. Got to meet a few people, did a 3 minute bit. Fun stuff. I found out the next day (haven’t told you all this yet) that I’m going to be featured in the newspaper article about this class!!
  10. Met with a guy named Mark (seems like an awesome guy) who has been in ministry here in Vegas, and now works in real estate. Has a great perspective on life and ministry in this city. Very helpful.
  11. We are (finally!) having our first official Launch Team meeting tonight. We’ve gotten together a lot, but it’s been more informal and social. Tonight we’re going to talk through our launch time line and pray, pray, pray.
  12. I am learning SO much about Vegas and it’s people. Maybe next week I’ll share some of what I’ve picked up.
  13. Connected with some of the pastors of churches that have been supportive of what we’re doing, guys like Brian Jones and Rusty George and Steve Sileo.

To Pray About This Week:

  1. I’m going to meet with the manager of the Rave Theater on Tuesday. He’s going to give me a tour of the theater, and I want to get to know him. There’s a few tricky factors with meeting at this theater, so I’m praying we can develop a great relationship that will make it easier to meet there.
  2. Still fundraising. (Ugh!) Please pray that God provides…
  3. This upcoming weekend I’ll be preaching here in Vegas at Canyon Ridge Christian Church, which is one of the most supporting churches we have. They’ve been awesome to us, and I really want to do a great job for them…