The Week In Brief(s) (3/22/09)

Every Sunday I’m sharing a recap on some of what happened that week. It will be quick (in brief) and I’ll write in my underwear (in briefs). Here ya go:

1. We had our first official Launch Team Meeting! We had, I think, 14 people (not counting kids). We ate and laughed and talked and prayed and cried (well, I didn’t cry, but I am very tough) and it was all very cool

2. I met with a pastor who started a church in a Vegas suburb thirteen months ago. It was cool getting the perspective of someone who has recently done what we’ll be doing…

3. Met with the manager of the Rave theater we’re planning on meeting in. Went great. Seems like they’ll be good to work with.

4. My mother was in town, so we had her watch the kids and my wife and I had a night on the town. She got us discount tickets to see Blue Man Group – fun!! We also decided to check out a hot dance club in the Wynn Hotel. We waited in line forever, while the guy would point at groups and say, “Only ladies?” and if they said yes, let them in. Finally we talked him into letting us up to the front. So we get up there and find out it will cost $50 for me and $30 for Jen to get in. Yeahhhh, homey don’t play that.

5. Met with a guy with a ton of great church experience who is helping me think though systems/ops kind of stuff. Definitely not my strong suit.

6. Speaking of systems, I put a ton of work into our “assimilation” (I hate that word!) system this week. I am putting everything down on paper (E-Myth style).

7. Took my second stand-up comedy workshop. Definitely helping me to meet people and make some friends. It also looks like there’s the possibility of four articles in two papers – two about me and stand-up, and two about our church plant.

8. Worked on fundraising a little. (Wait a second, I have to pray: Please God, give us some more commitments. We’re the one’s who need a bailout Lord.) (Okay, I’m done.)

9. Worked through more steps on Converge.

10. Preached last night and this morning at Canyon Ridge Christian Church in North Las Vegas. They were one of the first churches to support us and have been awesome to us. I really appreciate them.

To Pray About This Week

1. We have David Mills from Compassion By Design coming in to do a two day training event for some of our Launch Team, as well as for several other churches who are starting community based service organizations. Please pray it goes great.

2. We have a big meeting on Thursday with an executive over a bunch of the casinos on the Strip. Please pray that she not only gives us good information, but also likes some of our ideas and helps open doors for us.

3. Friday night we’re having our first ever Vervalicious – a dinner/vision casting night. I’m inviting about 14 local people who are interested in maybe becoming a part of Verve! Please pray that some (all?) actually show up, and decide to join us.