The Week In Brief(s) (3/29/09)

Every Sunday I’m sharing a recap on some of what happened that week. It will be quick (in brief) and I’ll write in my underwear (in briefs). Here ya go:

1. Preached at Canyon Ridge last weekend. Was a great experience.

2. We are trying to interview lots of locals, to better understand Vegas, it’s people, it’s rhythms, the needs that aren’t being met here, etc. One of the cool things about getting to speak at Canyon Ridge was that several of their people offered to meet with me or set up meetings for me. A few examples:

  • A guy who is a Shift Manager at the Hard Rock Casino is going to meet with me next week.
  • I am going to get to meet with the Police Chief over all the policemen who patrol the Strip!

3. Monday and Tuesday we hosted a training by Dave Mills on how to start a CBO – a Community Based Organization. We’re starting a community service org called The Verve Foundation. Dave is great and planting a church through the CBO route is a great way to do it…

3. Wednesday and Thursday five pastors came into town to learn more about what we’re doing and do some round table sharing of ideas kind of stuff. Got to hang out with Chad Goucher and Todd Clark, and make a few new friends. And … Todd gave me a great idea for a sermon series that he won’t do because he thinks it’s a little over the edge of acceptability, but I am all over it!

4. Spent two nights hanging out with people from the Stand Up comedy class I’m taking. They’re trying to do “writing groups.” Cool to hang out with these people!

5. Found out I’m going to be preaching at Kensington Community Church in May. Kensington is up at the top of my list of churches I admire. What they do in church planting is amazing. Can’t wait to get there!

6. Met with the Vice President of Philanthropy for the MGM/Mirage casinos. Good meeting, but it’s going to take some prayer and work by God to be able to offer some of the help to the casino workers that we hope to. (Isn’t that funny? We just want to help them, but have to pray and beg for them to let us…)

7. Had our first ever Vervalicious – a dinner where we invited interested people to come here about the vision for our church. We had 13 people come (and there are still another 13ish who weren’t able to attend but are interested). I asked everyone to take like a week to pray before they decide if they’re joining us. We’ll see…

8. Flew to Kansas City yesterday where I’m speaking at a church and doing three seminars. Excited to see two great friends, Brian Wright and Justin Moxley.

To Pray About This Week:

I am in Kansas City Sunday and Monday. On Sunday morning I’m preaching at Cedar Ridge Christian Church. On Sunday night I’m doing a seminar for people (from a bunch of local churches) who want to be able to better share their faith. On Monday morning I’m meeting with a group of about eight church planters. On Monday night I’m doing a seminar for pastors who want to make their churches more effective in reaching people who are far from God and don’t like church. Please pray it all goes well!

2. I’m making a couple of fundraising calls this week…

3. We have a bunch of people who were at Vervalicious praying about whether God wants them to join Verve. We also have a family who is praying about moving here coming to town to check things out and pray. Please ask God to guide all of them.