The Week In Brief(s) (3/9/09)

Every Sunday I’m sharing a recap on some of what happened that week. It will be quick (in brief) and I’ll write in my underwear (in briefs). Here ya go:

  1. I preached at one of our supporting churches, Westbrook Christian Church in Bollingbrook, IL. It was an awesome time and a great chance to hang out with their pastor, Mont Mitchell, and his family.
  2. Had a coaching call with Dave Nelson. He’s gonna be a big help to me!
  3. Started marriage counseling on Tuesday! No, we’re not having big problems. No, nothing to worry about. There’s just been a lot of stress with the move and we thought it would be wise to get a little help. Gonna go maybe up to six sessions.
  4. Went to lunch with Craig Gross on Tuesday. Craig and xxxChurch have moved to Vegas to minister to people in the sex industry and tourists. Cool stuff.
  5. Got pink eye. (Freakin’ pink eye!)
  6. Went to lunch with Kevin Odor. Kevin is the pastor of Canyon Ridge in North Vegas. They are a great church. Kevin is one of the wisest people I’ve gotten to be around. I could listen to him all day.
  7. Went to the doctor for my pink eye. He informed me I also had a severe acute bacterial infection. Nice!
  8. Had all day training by Patrick Bradley with Passion 4 Planting. They do project management for church planters. Very helpful.
  9. Had lunch (again) with Craig, who is the Corporate Trainer for all 11 casinos owned by MGM/Mirage. He is awesome and is trying to get us to be able to serve people who work in the casinos. Lots of amazing possibilities.
  10. Went to a comedy show hosted by the guy who is going to teach the Stand-Up Comedy classes I’m going to start taking on Thursday.
  11. Went to lunch with a guy who I learned about from a woman who goes to a church I preached at a couple weeks ago. He is her sister and has lived here for about ten years.
  12. Still working on systems stuff.
  13. Been reading a lot (especially on airplanes). Read “Mad Church Disease,” by Anne Jackson and “Church Planting from the Ground Up,” by Tom Jones and “Going All the Way” by Craig Groeschel.
  14. Friday night our Launch Team volunteered at “First Friday” a local art community festival/block party. We also had a live art exhibit. It was kind of Verve’s first public exposure.

To Pray About This Week:

  1. I’m still trying to raise money. I was hoping to be done with that by the time I got to Vegas but I had a little problem called the U.S. economy. We’re still way under our funding goal. Please pray that we can raise a little more.
  2. Still haven’t heard about the used equipment we’re hoping to buy. Please pray that we can get it, it’s great quality, and we get a super price.
  3. We were supposed to have our first official Launch Team Meeting last week, but couldn’t, so it’s gonna be this week. Please pray for that too…