There Goes My Hero (Acts 8)

Back in Acts 1 Jesus told His followers to take His message to the ends of the earth. At the end of Acts 7 all of His followers are still in Jerusalem. There are some theologians and missiologists who think the persecution against the Christians that breaks out at the beginning of today’s chapter (Acts 8) is God ordained. As if God was like, “I have to do something to get these people to leave their comfort zones and get the message out… Fine, I’ll have them persecuted out of Jerusalem.” (Personally, I would guess that was the case).

Anyway, Philip is one of my top heroes from the entire history of Christianity. Philip took the gospel to Samaria, which is something no one would have done (well, except Jesus). He took the gospel to a eunuch from Africa, and both of those facts would have disqualified him from hearing the gospel in most people’s eyes (well, except Jesus).

I don’t think I could ever live up to Philip’s example, but I’d like to try. He’s someone I’d like to model my ministry after, by going to the places and people that other Christians won’t, or can’t, or somehow see unfit for the gospel.

Anyone want to join me?