Vegas Flight

From what I’ve been hearing, one of the reasons living in Vegas is so disheartening for a lot of people (especially those in ministry) is because very few people actually stay in Vegas. I mentioned earlier that 25% of the people who move here leave within 2 years.

One of my new friends here (Devin Hudson) did a survey of his congregation in North Vegas a couple years ago, asking how many planned to stay in Vegas for the rest of their lives. Out of the 800-ish people, I think he said 3 planned to stay.

I’ve heard that over and over. And repeatedly people have told me how depressing it is to constantly lose friends who are moving away. Pastors have echoed that, with the added issue that these are people you are pouring into and training up for leadership, then they’re gone… I spent the last 12 years in the most transient area in the United States, so this won’t be new.

My dream is to help our people not just commit to Jesus, but also to Vegas. That they would develop a heart for this city and decide to stay to make a difference in it.