What Do You Measure? (2)

Here’s a few quick random thoughts on the idea of how we measure if our church is healthy. What about: (1) The number of people smoking outside before or after the service? (2) The percentage of couples who, when they first start attending, are living together? (3) What percentage of people are in small groups, or actively serving in the church or community? (4) The percentage of people who, when they first start attending, have an active addiction? (5) How many no longer are engaging in their addictions? (6) What percentage of people have brought a friend with them to a service in the last six months?

I was trading e-mails with my friend Chris Barras, who worked with us at Forefront for about four years before leaving to start a new church in Richmond. So Chris was telling me that they use three metrics to keep score at their church: (1) Community Impact, (2) Changed Lives, (3) Committed Leaders.

What do you think about my list? What about Chris’ list? Have you got something better?