Who’s Table? (Proverbs 9)

I love great writing. Sentences or paragraphs that are well put together, interesting word choice, all of it. And, for my money, Proverbs 9 may be the greatest writing in the Bible. That doesn’t make it any more inspired (by God) or necessarily inspiring (to us), but man, it’s just great writing.

So in verses 1-2 Wisdom has set a table and in verses 13-14 Folly has done the same. In verses 5 and 15 each call out inviting people to come in and eat at the table. In verses 5-6, Wisdom makes a promise, “Eat my food and you will have understanding and live.” In verses 16-17, Folly makes a promise, “Eat my food and the experience will make you feel good.” And we learn that in the home of Wisdom is a path leading to life, while in the home of Folly is a trapdoor leading to death.

The interesting verses are 7-12 where we can find out: Who’s table am I eating at? And basically you can tell by looking at how you react when someone rebukes or corrects you. So think about the last time or two you were rebuked or corrected. Honestly, did you hate the experience and insult the person who did it (even though maybe you never actually said the words) OR did you love the person for doing it and let their advice add to your wisdom?

My guess is that most people who are eating at Folly’s table don’t realize they are, until it’s too late. So we’d do well to figure it out now: Which table am I at?