A Fun Night

Last night we had our fourth Launch Team Meeting. 20 adults this time! 4 were out of town people who are praying about moving here. But we also had about 4 people who couldn’t make it.

We talked about God’s heart for His lost children, which is the heart of our vision. We had some great discussion about what it might look like to start a church here in Vegas, on the Strip, for people who don’t think they need God, don’t believe in Jesus, and don’t like church. God has given us great people to start this church with!

After our meeting a bunch of us went to a comedy club that was having an Open Mic Night. I went on stage for the second time as a wannabe stand-up comedian. Definitely went better than the first time in Austin back in February, but I still have a ways to go. It was really cool that like a dozen people from our team came out to support me!