As Good As Dead (Romans 4)

Is there something in your life that seems as good as dead right now? Maybe your marriage feels hopeless? Or your job situation is going nowhere? Your financial situation appears unrecoverable? You have a child who is so far gone? You’re planting a church but the odds are overwhelming against you?

Then here’s some really good news from today’s reading (Romans 4) — God gives life to the dead and calls things that are not as though they were. God calls a horrible marriage great, not because He’s a senile old man who can’t tell the difference, but because He is a powerful deity who can breathe life into a hopeless situation. And God can reanimate your job situation or finances, He can bring your child back and do the impossible with your church. And the cool thing is that it’s not wishful thinking that maybe God could do all those things, but that He already has, and He can for you as well.

That’s why, like Abraham, you can be fully persuaded that God can do what He promises and hope against all hope. So, in the words of that wise theologian Steve Perry, don’t stop believin’.