Feeling Like a Pointer Sister

I am getting excited (and I just can’t hide it) —

  • Monday I get to spend the day with Will Mancini, coach and strategic planner for churches, and author of Church Unique, which you need to read.
  • April 19th I leave for Florida and the Exponential Conference, which is like the biggest and best church planting conference going. I’m leaving the conference early, because my son’s birthday falls in the middle of it, and I’ll choose my family over even the best conference every time. But, before I leave, I am…
  • … getting to hang out a lot with Chuck Cason, one of my absolute best friends.
  • … having dinner with Gary Lamb. I have met Gary briefly in person, but mostly we know each other through blogging and e-mailing. My guess is that the two of us spending time together could be dangerous, and could end up with both of us spending some time in jail. In fact, if you’re bored, submit a comment finishing this sentence, “Gary and Vince ended up spending the night in jail. Yeah, it’s because they ______________ __________________.”