From Consumerism to Cause-ism

Okay, last quote (I think) from The Monkey and the Fish. The author (Dave Gibbons) talks about how we have to shift from consumerism to cause-ism (amen!) and he writes:

The challenge is that we in the church for a long time now have tried to cater to the “customer” in our pews, trying to make church as convenient as possible because know how busy people are and how fractured their attention span is. We’ve aimed our resources, ministries, and programs at making church as simple and fun and easy as possible.

Much good has flowed from this way of thinking and operating and will continue to do so. But I wonder if we haven’t unwittingly created organism that are unhealthy to ourselves and to others, organizations that are uninspiring to the world. It’s like creating something meant for good, but before you know it, it has veered in an unintended direction and become a negative force.