I Need to Talk to Me (Psalm 42 & 43)

We talk a lot about talking to God, and rightly so, He is who we need to be talking to more than anyone else. But here’s my vote for second place: Ourselves.

In today’s reading (Psalm 42 and 43) we see David doing some serious self talk. He’s reminding himself of how he used to be one most excited about God, he’s questioning his low emotional state, and he’s challenging and encouraging himself.

Maybe one of our problems is that we don’t talk enough to ourselves, and when we do it’s negative (“Why do you suck so bad?” “You’re never gonna become what you want to be”) self-talk.

I’m all for having mentors and accountability partners, but sometimes we need to mentor ourselves and keep ourselves accountable by having a sit down with ourselves and giving ourselves a serious talking to. “Why are you feeling like this? There’s no good reason! God is still God. He’s in charge. Remember how you used to trust and worship Him. You’re still that same person. You can do that again. Let’s go, right now, let’s do it!” (But make sure no one else hears you doing this. That wouldn’t be cool.)