In Defense of Sloooooooowww

Yesterday, Robb and I had an incredibly insightful meeting with a lady who has worked in casinos for the last 14 years. She’s been a dealer for 8, in food & beverage for 4, lately been in surveillance, she’s basically done it all. Talking to her exploded some of my assumptions about the people we want to serve and connect with. It also gave me some very valuable new insights. It was discouraging, and totally inspiring. It probably revealed that a few of the ideas we have won’t work, and gave me a few new one’s that may.

On the way home, Robb said, “That’s why this time is so important” and he was right. Because we’re type A/church planter/entrepreneur types we’d love to get started as quick as possible. But if we had, we would have tried things that wouldn’t have worked and we wouldn’t have tried things that might.

So, I realize that some church planters don’t have the luxury we do. I know that some are forced to get started quick because of financial pressures, or supporters who just don’t get it. But if you can, go slooooowwwww, and learn as much as you can in the process!!!