Lucky, Not Better (Romans 3)

For those who are new: We have people who will be on our Launch Teach who are still all over the country and we thought it would be cool to stay connected by reading the same thing in the Bible each day, so we’re going through a reading plan through the New Testament…

I love today’s reading (Romans 3) because it’s really the heart of the gospel. God had to be just, and wanted to justify us, and His solution was Jesus as the atonement for our sins and redeemer of our lives.

The thing that stood out to me today is that there is no place for pride in the Kingdom of God. Every single one of us has sinned and so no one can boast. The funny thing is that there is a lot of pride and boasting in the Kingdom of God. A lot of Christians consider themselves better than “those sinners” and churches act like they’re better than others.

The only right attitude for a Christ follower is humble gratitude, and that’s the attitude we’ll have at Verve. We’ll make it clear: We’re not better than anyone, we’re just lucky that we’ve met and been saved by the one who is just and the justifier.