Master of Puppets (Acts 25)

So in (Acts 25) Paul is still stuck in prison, as he has been for two years. He has lost control of his own life and his ability to do ministry and share Jesus with people.

But God hadn’t lost control. And it’s fascinating that as Paul sits in his cell in Caesarea, who should come into town but King Agrippa, and what topic does Festus bring up in their conversation but Paul. And what does Agrippa say, “I want to hear from this man.” And so Paul gets the opportunity to share his story and the story of Jesus with this King.

Yesterday I talked about the feeling we all tend to have some times that we’re stuck and all we can do is wait. And that we need to learn to have a patience based on our trust in God. The cool thing is that the one we trust is in control. And, if He wants, He is totally capable of pulling some strings and bringing about opportunities and results bigger than our wildest dreams.