No Carbon Copies

Yesterday I posted a paragraph from The Monkey and the Fish. If you missed that quote, go read it. And if you read it, maybe read it again. And here’s why:

A lot of church planters read this blog. And of all the people in God’s Kingdom, I would think church planters (who tend to be entrepreneur, risk-taking types by nature) (and who are starting something new) would be the one’s who listen to the culture they’re planting in, innovate, and launch something truly organic.

But what tends to happen is that church planters carbon copy something that is working somewhere else. Here’s two of the problems with that: (1) You’re not somewhere else, you’re where you are. What’s working over there might not work here. (2) You’re not someone else, you’re you. What’s working for that guy might not work for you. (3) You’re starting a church for tomorrow, not yesterday. What’s been working might not work in the future.

So listen, become adaptable, and innovate. Do something fresh that you received from God and that will work in the time and place God has put you.