People Are Strange (Acts 22)

Today’s chapter (Acts 22) in the reading plan some of us are doing together is pretty wacky and shows how jacked up people can be.

Paul is giving his defense before the Jews. As he explains how he had recently been involved in persecuting and murdering innocent Christians, all the Jews nod their heads with approval. But when Paul says that God told him to tell the Gentiles about the love of God, the people start screaming, “Rid the earth of him! He’s not fit to live!”

The guy in charge doesn’t understand why the people are upset, so he has Paul whipped to find out what’s going on, and no one feels bad about that. But then when they find out Paul is a Roman citizen they freak out.

People are strange! Totally backward. And I wonder if there’s any way you and I are backward in our thinking, and just don’t realize it. Like I recently heard about a church that lost lots of members because a transvestite started attending. Or I know of Christians who send their kids to Christian school because they want to keep their kids away from non-believing kids. Or people who think it’s a bad thing if people are gathering outside their church building smoking. Or how Christians who have to beg God everyday for the strength to overcome a temptation will ask God to take away the temptation.

Maybe take a minute to ask God how you’re jacked up in your thinking but don’t realize it…