Relevant (Acts 17)

I’m sharing a thought each morning from that day’s chapter in a New Testament Bible reading plan that some of us are doing together. Today’s reading was Acts 17, one of my fave o flave chapters.

People who aren’t sure about or are critical of churches they consider “seeker sensitive,” or of ministries that seek to be relevant to the people they’re trying to reach need to read Acts 17 and decide if they really believe they know more than Paul.

Did you check out what Paul does when he gets to preach in Athens?

  • He was driven by compassion for the people of Athens (vs. 16)
  • He builds a bridge to the people by complimenting them and finding something in common with them (vs. 22-23)
  • He uses words and concepts that would have made sense to and really connected with his audience (vs. 24-27)
  • He uses the audience’s pop culture by quoting their poets (vs. 28)

And did you check out what Paul doesn’t do? Like, for instance:

  • He never quotes a Bible verse
  • He never mentions Jesus
  • He doesn’t do an invitation at the end

Am I saying that we should never quote the Bible or mention Jesus? Obviously and absolutely not. But I am saying that we need to know our audience and share a message that not only flows from our heart, but also connects with theirs.