Sleepless in Southwest Las Vegas

Okay, it’s 11:05 p.m. here in Vegas. What does that mean? It means Vince will be going to sleep in one hour. (Vince goes to sleep at the same time every day, and Vince gets up at the same time every day.) (Vince knows you feel more rested sleeping less, but at consistent times, than if you sleep more but at inconsistent times.) (If you’re wondering, Vince goes to sleep at midnight and gets up at at 6:15.)

So Vince has some sleep related things to report.

  1. Vince has recently begun using three pillows. Did you read that? THREE pillows. Up from two, which was previously up from one. No, the pillows are not stacked up on top of each over so Vince’s head is like pressed up against the ceiling, the pillows are placed very strategically.
  2. Match Game is no longer on from 11:30 to 12:00!! The Game Show Network changed their schedule, and Vince is depressed and bitter. Is Vince really going to get lulled to sleep by the $25,000 Pyramid? Please! It’s not even the $100,000 Pyramid. It doesn’t even have Charles Nelson Riley!! Why is life so cruel for Vince?!?

In case you’re wondering, Vince wrote this. (Vince isn’t sure why he keeps referring to himself as Vince.) (Maybe it’s Vince’s A.D.D. acting up.) (Maybe not.)

Vince over, and Vince out.