Small Group-less, Part Deux

Some of you have asked so…

I understand the thinking that “You HAVE to have small groups” but it seems kind of difficult to argue with the results at Gary’s church.

As to whether they have something to replace groups, seems like kinda. It sounds like their ministry teams do a better job of fostering connectivity and caring amongst the team members than most churches. Also they have “Affinity Groups” but all of these groups only meet once a month to do something together (play volleyball, ride motorcycles, etc.).

So I’m wondering: What if instead of small groups a church had “Community Service Groups” that met once a month to serve the community in some way? And when they got together they took a half hour to do a quick Bible thought and a little bit of connecting and sharing, then when out to serve together?

Or what if you did that AND the once-a-month Affinity Group thing?

Or what if you just really stressed having your ministry teams connect relationally and connect with God when they’re get together to do ministry?