Soaked (Psalm 34 & 35)

The thing I like best about the Psalms is they give me a picture of what a God soaked life might look like. I know my life is supposed to be totally God centered, like He’s a part of everything I think, say, do. But I haven’t found that to be easy, and sometimes wonder what it even looks like.

Psalm 34 talks about praising God always, that He’s what we boast about, He’s what we seek, and the one who overcomes our fears. We don’t invite God to be a part of our life, we ask Him to saturate it.

The funny thing about Psalm 35 is that I’m pretty sure, based on the teachings of Jesus, that God disapproves of the attitudes David (the author) communicates in it. When Jesus taught us to pray for our enemies, I don’t think He meant for their “disgrace,” “shame” and “ruin.” Yet David is sharing all of this with … God. It’s like even when he’s going against God’s will, he still can’t help but include God in it.

I am so far from living a God saturated life. I’m still trying to do so much on my own. Seeking God or involving Him in my decisions can still be such an afterthought. And you’d think that being in the middle of starting a church on the Vegas Strip, I would be more focused on God than ever. – God, please deliver me from living a life that is anything less than soaked in You.