Tell Me How You Really Feel (Psalm 44 & 45)

In today’s reading (Psalms 44 and 45) I’m fascinated by how honest the psalmist is with God. Check out Psalm 44. The first eight verses are like, “God is so great, la de da.” Then it says, “Selah,” which is like a pregnant pause to consider what’s just been said.

And after the pause the psalmist comes out swinging. He takes God to task. Is that the right thing to do? Well, I don’t know. But I do know that this made it into the Bible. And I know that most of the heroes of the Bible talk to God like this. And I know that many of the heroes of the faith since the Bible prayed prayers like this.

And so I’m thinking that God’s okay with it, probably because (1) He knows we’re human, and (2) what He wants with us is a relationship. So, if you’ve got some feelings you haven’t expressed to God, let Him know. And I’m hoping to start a church here in Vegas full of real human beings who have real relationships with a real God, even when it’s kind of ugly.