The Holy Spirit Said (Acts 13)

I’ve spoken at several churches the last couple months. And at three of these churches a husband and wife heard me speak, listened to me briefly share about why we moved to Vegas and what we believe God wants to do there, and thought, “We’re supposed to go too.”

What’s cool is that in every occasion, both the husband and wife felt it, and only discovered that the other one had the same reaction after the service.

In today’s reading (Acts 13) a bunch of Christians were together praying when “the Holy Spirit said” that they were to set Paul and Barnabas on a missionary adventure. I wonder what happened there. I assume it wasn’t that they heard the Holy Spirit’s voice out loud, though I could be wrong. Maybe one of them was prompted by the Spirit, inside, and then told everyone else. Or perhaps everyone was praying when all of a sudden they all opened their eyes and were like, “I think the Holy Spirit just told me something!” “Me too!” “What? Seriously? Me too.”

I don’t know, and I guess it doesn’t matter, but it’s cool for me to know that God’s not done doing this stuff. At least three times in the past two months I’ve gotten to hear from these married couples that both felt led in the same way to the same thing at the same time. And however that happens, it’s cool.