The Week In Brief(s) (4/19/09)

Every Sunday I’m sharing a recap on some of what happened that week. It will be quick (in brief) and I’ll write in my underwear (in briefs). Here ya go:

1. Easter Sunday we went to Central Christian’s southwest campus, which is kind of near our house.

2. Sunday afternoon we had our Launch Team meeting. Several people couldn’t make it, but still I think we had 24 people (counting kids). We had a big Easter dinner, then did a Bible study on the power that raised Jesus from the dead and that (according to Ephesians 1) is available to us in living our lives and starting a church.

3. On Sunday night I went and did stand-up at an open mic night. Used all new material!

4. Spent all of Monday with Will Mancini. It was a great day of sharpening our vision and values.

5. Monday night we had a couple in town who will be moving here to Vegas soon to help start Verve. Very exciting!

6. Tuesday I talked again to one of the Vice Presidents at MGM/Mirage and heard again that it’s going to be very difficult to make the chaplain idea happen…

7. Tuesday I was interviewed for Las Vegas Tonight, a show on the local Christian TV station. My interview was supposed to be one 20 minute segment of the 60 minute show, but the host said I was so “fascinating” that he had me on for the entire 60 minutes. I told all of you I was fascinating! Finally someone agrees with me!

8. Wednesday morning I got to meet with a pastor who is thinking about starting a church sometime. Love that!

9. Wednesday I took my son to a Dodgers game as an early birthday present. We are HUGE Dodger fans, and he’d never been to Dodger stadium. Fun!!

10. Thursday I had one of the most difficult meetings of my life with a guy who is thinking about becoming a Christian but has some major hurdles to get past. I’ve rarely prayed so hard while I was talking…

11. Friday Robb and I met with a lady from a local drug rehab. It was cool seeing what they do and knowing they’re available, and also to hear her reaction to us starting Verve. She was psyched!

To Pray About This Week:

1. I’ll be at Exponential (National New Church Conference) the first part of this week. I’m teaching two seminars and hosting a pre-conference intensive. Pray that this conference will unleash some great new churches for God’s Kingdom.

2. Several of the ideas we’ve had have evolved and synthesized in my brain to a new and bigger idea. It’s kinda huge and pretty intimidating and there’s no way it could happen without God coming through in a big way. Please pray that if it’s a God idea, not just a good idea, He’ll make it happen.