Unashamed (Psalm 36)

One of the amazing things about Vegas is how brazen the sin is here. There is nothing discreet about it. Sin isn’t something done behind closed doors; it’s advertised on billboards. Literally. For instance, there’s a porn producer with billboards all over town inviting people to make $500 by being in a movie.

In the first part of today’s reading (Psalm 36) it’s that people are unashamed to do wrong that discourages David (the author).

In the second part, it’s how bold God is with His love that encourages David. It reaches everywhere. It’s abundant. It flows like a river of delights. It allows those in darkness to see light. It’s like God is unashamed to love audaciously.

This psalm doesn’t suggest this, but it seems to me that our goal should be to connect people who the first part of this psalm describes (who are unashamed about their sin) to the God who is unashamed about loving sinners. After all, at least for one part of his life, David himself was the type of person he describes in the first part. And I know I’ve been the person he describes in the first part. And every person he describes is someone’s son or daughter. What if that person was your son or daughter? More importantly, every person he describes is a child … of God.

How amazing might it be if we started looking at people who do wrong with compassion instead of derision? And what if that compassion turned them from being unashamed of their sin to being unashamed to love the God who unashamedly loves them?