Waiting Is the Hardest Part (Acts 24)

The thing that popped out at me from today’s reading (Acts 24) was in verse 27 where it says that Paul spent two years in prison. During that time all Paul did was have repeated conversations with some dork named Felix, who was only meeting with Paul in hopes that he’d get a bribe.

Can you imagine being Paul, who wants to do great things for God, is gifted to do great things for God, has the vision and passion to do great things for God, but doesn’t get to really do squat for God for two years?

It’s interesting how frustrated we get when things aren’t going our way, when we have to wait, when God doesn’t keep the momentum moving the way we assume He will – but have you ever had to sit for two years in prison when all you want to do is be out there doing great things for God?!?

Is there some area of your life right now where you’re waiting? Maybe we need to learn to be patient … a patience based on trust.