Wednesday Morning Weigh-In, 4/8/09

So a couple weeks ago I decided to try to force myself to lose weight by subjecting myself to public humiliation. Hence, the Wednesday morning weigh-in. I haven’t become a candidate for the biggest loser, but I’ve been consistent:

First week: 215
Second week: 214
Third week: 212
Fourth week: 209

This last week we had two families in town who have forced me to eat an all-u-can-eat Chinese buffet (yes, forced), and an all-u-can-eat prime rib dinner (yes, forced) (I only ate 3 plates of prime rib), and made chicken and dumplings, and kept me from exercising (yes, kept me from) — so this was a bad week, but I’ll get back on track soon. So, what did the scale say this morning?

Fifth week: 208. I guess I’ve got momentum on my side…