Who’s Chained to You? (Acts 28)

In today’s reading (Acts 28) Paul reaches Rome, where he’s chained in a cell with a group of guards taking turns being stationed to guard him constantly. He immediately calls in visitors so he can share Jesus with them. And he continues to invite people to his cell for the next two years so he can tell them the life-changing message of Jesus and His Kingdom.

From the cell Paul wrote a letter to the church at Phillipi and he begins that letter by explaining that he’s happy he’s in prison, because it’s advanced the gospel. How? By allowing all the palace guards to know about Jesus. Paul ends that letter by sending greetings from all the Christians in Rome, especially those who belong to Caesar’s household. Who’s that? The guards who have come to faith in Jesus.

It’s a very different (and very right) way to look at life:

  • How can the situation I’m in advance the gospel? There are no such things as good or bad circumstances, the only difference in every situation is exactly how I can use it to advance the gospel.
  • Who am I chained to? What people has God put into my life in my current situation? What’s the best way to share Jesus and His Kingdom with them?