Your Best Life Later (Psalm 37)

There are times when choosing to live the Christian life just feels stupid. If you’re a church planter, multiply that by ten. “Why am I doing this when I could be doing something else?” becomes a theme verse. If you’re someone starting a church for the second time, well, you just sorta accept the fact that, to some degree, you’re brain dead.

You know why? Because we have a myopic view of now. It’s like today is pretty much all we think about. Maybe once in awhile we can pull our heads out of our butts long enough to look at … tomorrow. But here’s the reality check: There are a whole lot of days after tomorrow. In fact, there is an eternity waiting for after this life.

While most people want to live their best lives now, God challenges us to live in such a way today that we experience our best life later (in Francis Chan’s words) when He blesses us for all eternity because we made Him our delight, and committed to doing our lives His way, and He spends the rest of eternity rewarding us for it (see today’s reading: Psalm 37.)

So … if I gave you a choice, “I’ll give you $20 today, or $10 a day, everyday, for the rest of your life,” which would you take? You’d be an idiot to take the money just for today. And so listen: If we’re living our lives just for today, we’re idiots.

Here’s God’s mission for you, if you choose to accept it: Take a minute, figure out how to live today for eternity, then go do it.