Am I … Redundant?

I met yesterday with Kurt Ervin, who works at Central Christian here in Vegas, overseeing their campuses. He shared with me the vision for some of what they’re gonna be doing in the future, and it’s huge. And Central is a great church and are reaching lost people.

Which is all kind of interesting for me. For the last 12 years I’ve been in Virginia Beach, and Forefront certainly wasn’t the only church there doing good things and reaching truly lost people, but I don’t think there are churches there doing it as effectively as Central, Canyon Ridge, The Crossing, and a few other churches here in the suburbs of Vegas.

So, to be honest, part of me feels like, “Why am I here? Maybe these guys have it covered?” Then logic takes over and I realize that even with these great churches, still over 90% of Vegas does not attend any church, so almost 2 million people need to be reached! And that those churches are in the suburbs, whereas we will be down by the Strip.

But there are a couple of other feelings I have about it, and I’ll share them tomorrow…