Arrogant or Afraid? (Romans 11)

When I became a Christian I had read the Bible but not met Christians. When I started meeting them and getting a feel for Christians today in general, one of the things that surprised me was that most seemed to have a “I deserve to be here,” rather than a “I can’t believe I’m here” attitude. I caught some “We’re better than” vibe, and heard people judge Bill Clinton, make fun of Dennis Rodman, look down on Madonna. (This was 1990.)

Makes you wonder if these Christians have ever read the Bible, and especially today’s reading (Romans 11) where it’s made obvious that we should not be “here” and aren’t here through our effort. In fact, the people who really tried to be here aren’t here. In fact, it’s because they tried so hard that they’re not here, and because you didn’t try but instead just accepted the invitation that you are here! And so, we’re told, “Do not be arrogant but be afraid.”

This is a big deal, I think, to God – and so it’s a big deal to me. And my dream is to start a church here in Vegas full of people who are amazed God let them in, and live lives of audacious gratitude.