But Why Would… (Pt 1 of 3)

In 1997 my wife and I (and our friends Tim and Lisa) moved to Virginia Beach to start a church. After four months we had added all of zero people. But then we added about 80 people, all of whom were unchurched, and just about all of whom were not Christians. We knew we wanted to be a church that reached non-Christians, and we knew we didn’t want to steal Christians from other churches, so it seemed like the only choice.

Since then I have had tons of people ask me, “But why would an unchurched non-Christian want to be part of starting a church?!?”

Well, back in January my wife and I (and about 20 friends) moved to Las Vegas to start a church. We decided to fill our Launch Team with non-Christians, but assumed that since our “official grand opening” wouldn’t be for a year, it was too early to start inviting them to join us. But last week we had six ask us if they could please join our Launch Team and help us start Verve.

And so I know that I will, again, be asked, “But why are unchurched non-Christians wanting to be part of starting your church?”

I’ll share my thoughts on this tomorrow and the next day, but for now, leave a comment sharing your opinion…