Psalms like those from today’s reading (58 and 59) just confuse me. I know that we’re human and all, but I don’t see how David (the author) can’t see the contradiction. He writes repeatedly of God’s love and how He is a fortress and a loving God, while he begs God to torture and destroy his enemies (“show them no mercy,” “break their teeth,” “consume them in wrath,” “I want to bathe my feet in their blood”).

Yet David had found himself in desperate need of God’s mercy, so why wouldn’t he want that for others. What may be the most ironic contradiction is that these Psalms are meant to be song lyrics, and David instructs choir directors of the music (from another song) that the words are meant to be sung to, and the song is … “Do Not Destroy.” So it’s like, “Please beg God to destroy my enemies in song, and sing it to the tune of ‘Do Not Destroy’!”

This just makes me wonder: What are the contradictions we can’t see in our own lives?

  • Maybe we can’t believe the greed in which others’ live, while we pray for more and more.
  • Or we talk a lot about the love of God, but we’re jerks to our family.
  • Or we smile a lot at church and sing about the joy of the Lord, but continually complain to God in our prayer times about how our lives suck.
  • Or we look down on others who aren’t as regular as us at church service or small group, but we consistently miss our daily time with God.

Where are the contradictions you’ve been missing in your life?