Exactly What I Need (Pt. 3 of 3)

Two days ago I posed the question people often ask me, “Why do unchurched non-Christians want to help you start your church?” Yesterday I gave you part of the answer. Here’s my other thought:

God has put in each of us certain needs, for love, truth, grace, community, purpose. A person who is unchurched and not a Christian is missing out on love, truth, grace, community, purpose. A new church offers love, truth, grace, community, purpose.

So why is it so surprising that people would want that? Maybe the incredulous attitude some Christians have about it reveals some doubts we have about what we’re offering?

And not only are we offering what people need, but with a church plant we’re also offering the excitement of something new, which almost everyone loves.

So now you can stop asking and, if you’re starting a church, start talking to unchurched non-Christians about what you’re doing, you might be surprised.