Exhausted But Smiling

Got back last night from Detroit. We had a great, and exhausting, weekend.

On Saturday we got to spend the day with the Casons (from Forefront in Va Beach) who are like our favorite people. Then I preached at Kensington Community Church at their Saturday night service. Then we spent the rest of the night with the Casons and McGlassens, who lead Paradox, one of the churches we helped to start at Forefront.

On Sunday I preached three times at Kensington. I loved being there and felt a great connection with the people. What an awesome church.

Then we spent five hours at the home of Nick Boring, their director of church planting and a Detroit area pastor who is praying about planting a church. Then we spent five hours at the McGlassen’s house, with the Casons and another family.

Yesterday our plane bounced all over the sky on the way home, it was sickening. We got back just in time for our Launch Team Memorial Day cookout – and had people at our house for about five hours.

I need like a month to decompress, but had a meeting this morning at 7:30, and in three days I head to L.A. where I’m preaching this weekend…..