Here Comes the Judge (Psalm 50)

Today’s reading (Psalm 50) scares the poop out of me. Right? God shows up, as Judge, with a fire leading the way. And the people He comes to judge are His people.

Basically (this is Vince’s paraphrase, but read it for yourself) He says, “I don’t give a rip about your sacrifices,” (think our financial offerings, the songs we sing to Him, the serving we do for Him) “do you think I actually need any of that?”

Then, “How dare you who claim my name but are living in sin speak of me? The truth is you don’t obey and even hate what I have to say, and yet you have the gall to quote me? You are hypocrites who say one thing but does another. I want to save you, but if you continue to ignore me, I will accuse you to your face and tear you to pieces.”

Ummm, wow. So, if you are someone (or know someone) who knows God, but is ignoring God and doing what you want … yeah, I would change real fast. Real fast.