Just Look How Far We’ve Come

In today’s world, what are some titles and descriptions works people might use for Christians?

  • holier than thou, judgmental, too political, arrogant, power hungry, hypocrites.

In today’s reading (1 Corinthians 4) some titles and descriptive words are used for Christians:

  • servants of Christ; fools for Christ; weak; dishonored; hungry; thirsty; in rags; brutally treated; homeless; work hard; the scum of the earth; the refuse of the world.

Things have really changed, haven’t they? I wonder what would happens if we got back to caring about very little except serving Jesus, even if it meant doing so in a way that was completely foolish and selfless? How might we be looked at? How might our impact change?

And, one more point. Look back at that first list and then again at the second. And think of Jesus: Which list looks more like what He would have been called? Can you picture anyone calling Jesus too political, or power hungry, or a hypocrite? No, because He was actually the opposite. Can you picture Him being called dishonored, in rags, homeless, scum? Totally. Right? So which list should describe us?