Lies and Truth

I found today’s reading (Psalm 56 and 57) especially relevant because of something I’m going through with my kids lately. Both of them are having some trouble with fear. For one it’s “What might happen to dad when he’s not home?” kind of stuff. For the other it’s seeing a scary commercial on TV then mentally replaying it instead of going to sleep.

So here’s what we’ve done: (1) Assume that bad, scary thoughts come from Satan, (2) Learn from Jesus’ example what to do when Satan throws lies at us. Jesus responded with Bible verses. He confronted lies with the truth. So this week we’ve all memorized Joshua 1:9 and Psalm 62:11-12a. We’ve even made those verses into songs so they’re easier to remember and say over and over.

In Psalm 56, I find it interesting that David (the author) is dealing with fear and repeatedly he tells God that he trusts Him, AND that three times he mentions praising the WORD of God. Why? I think because when we’re tempted it’s to believe lies, and so what we need is truth.

So, what Bible verses are you memorizing to confront the lies you’re tempted to believe?