Live for God, Act in Love (Romans 14)

What an amazing chapter Romans 14 (today’s reading) is. Seriously, go read it. And what if every Christian didn’t just read it, but actually did it? Basically the chapter teaches two things:

  1. Live for God
  2. Act in love towards people

What would happen if we really made those the two guiding principles for everything we do in life? How might it change our lives? How might it change the opinion people have of Christians? How might it advance God’s Kingdom?

What if for every decision you make, for every thing you think or do, you asked, “Wait, if I do this, am I truly living for God? Am I doing this for God? Do I realize that someday I will give an account for this action to God? Does what I’m doing come from faith?

And, “Wait, am I truly acting in love towards people? Am I judging? Am I looking down on someone? Am I putting up a stumbling block? Will this lead to peace, and build up other people?

Okay, I’ll admit that I’m not doing this very well. So I’m gonna go repent. You can figure out what you need to do…