Scrubs, Part Deux

Yesterday I shared some thoughts on the uniqueness of the show Scrubs. Well, in creative planning meetings for Sunday morning services over the years, one question that’s often asked is, “How can we Scrubs this service?” So what does that mean?

I said yesterday how Scrubs will make you laugh for most of the show, then go after your heart for the last few minutes. Here’s the cool part: Almost every time what they have you crying at for the ending is exactly what they had you laughing at for the beginning. You laughed at it for like 25 minutes then all of a sudden you’re punched in the gut and you realize, “Oh, it wasn’t funny. Why was I laughing at that?”

So … we try to reach people who are far from God and very cynical about church. With that type of person you can’t just start with worship music. You first need to uncross their arms and open them up to what God might have for them. We almost always use humor to do that. And, to be honest, that’s pretty easy for us.

The harder part, and what makes it a far more powerful experience, is when we can end on an emotive note. When we go after the heart. When people who were laughing at the beginning of the service leave with tears in their eyes. And what’s best is when we “Scrubs” the service. When what the person is crying about is exactly what they were laughing about an hour earlier. That is intense, and that can really move you … to experience the spiritual … to make a decision … to ask God to change your life.