Scrubs, Part One

Wednesday night was the last episode of the season (and probably series) for Scrubs. Scrubs has been a very unique 30 minute sitcom. Why?

1. More than most sitcoms, the topics Scrubs covers are real life kinda stuff. Whereas Seinfeld was a show about nothing, and The Office is intentionally idiotic, Scrubs more often will deal with the problems, relationships, and issues of the characters on the show.

2. Unlike typical comedies, Scrubs isn’t just out for laughs. It does make you laugh, for about the first 25 minutes. But then in the last five minutes they go straight for your heart.

3. Scrubs uses music in a way that I think few, if any, sitcoms have. In those last few moments, when they get serious, you can count on a song from The Counting Crows, or Colin Hay, or Erasure, or Peter Gabriel to kick in. Just about every time the song choice was perfect and made the scene.

So am I just waxing nostalgic? No, Scrubs has been a major influence on how we do Sunday mornings at Forefront, and will be at Verve as well. You can already probably guess some of the ways, but the major way I haven’t hinted at yet. Tune in tomorrow and I’ll dish…