Still (Psalm 46 & 47)

Both chapters of today’s reading (Psalm 46 & 47) have lots of commands to praise God, which makes sense because He is totally praiseworthy – the only one worthy of our worship.

But there’s this famous verse that is a bit surprising really. We’re told to “________, and know that I am God.” So if you weren’t familiar with it, what would you guess goes in the blank? Maybe “Read the Bible, and know that I am God.” Or “Seek Me, …” Or “Pray to Me, …” But no, the fill in the blank is, “Be still.” In at least some sense, the key to knowing God (and knowing that He truly is God) is being still.

So if you had to choose a word that is the opposite of our culture and most of our lives, what would it be? How about “still.” We’re busy, on the move, running around like chickens with our heads cut off, working like crazy. What we’re not is … still.

Do you think that’s a coincidence? That the thing we’re least, is the thing that’s the key to knowing God? Probably not. But the real question is: If knowing God is more important than everything else you do that keeps you so busy, how will you change and arrange for some stillness in your life?