The Exact Opposite of What I Rejected (Pt. 2 of 3)

So yesterday I asked the question I’m often asked, “Why would an unchurched non-Christian want to be part of starting a church?” My answer starts with a question: “Why are most unchurched non-Christians unchurched non-Christians?”

Some simply haven’t been told so they’ve had no opportunity to respond to Jesus and join a church. But for most it’s because they can’t stand how judgmental and condemning Christians are, and that churches are all about religion, and money, and that church services are boring and irrelevant. (So, at least in that sense, doesn’t that make those unchurched non-Christians right?!?)

And so, when that person comes into contact with Christians that are full of grace (not judgment), and a church that is about relationship (not religion), and the promise of church services that will be engaging and relevant (not boring and irrelevant), guess that? That is attractive! It’s the exact opposite of what they’ve spent their life rejecting, so why wouldn’t they be interested?