To Himself (Psalms 48 & 49)

Lots of good stuff in today’s reading (Psalms 48 and 49), but one verse really popped for me:

But God will redeem my life from the grave; he will surely take me to himself. (Ps 49:15)

That verse is everything. If you have made the great trade with Jesus, this life is simply preamble, death is just a door, and our future is certain: God will redeem our lives from the grave. He will take us to Him.

So when life stinks, when it hardly seems worth it. When your marriage won’t improve. When you wonder why you’re doing this church planting thing. When you feel like you’re getting nowhere. When your child won’t change. When you can’t seem to change … God will redeem your life from the grave; he will take you to himself. And that verse, that truth, that changes everything.