Update + Preview = Cool

Here’s an update on Verve happenings and a preview of next week’s posts:

Last night was the last episode of the season (and probably series) for Scrubs. Scrubs has been one of the big influences on my ministry (yes, I’m serious) and how we did some of what we did at Forefront, and how we will at Verve. Next week I’ll take a post or two and share what we call “Scrubsing” our service, and why and how we do it.

Also, and much HUGER: In the last day we have had six (SIX!) not-yet-Christian people ask (ASK!) if they can be on our Launch Team and help start the church. We had planned on having non-Christians on our Launch Team, but thought it was too early in the process to invite them, so we were gonna wait till late summer/early Fall. I wasn’t prepared for people to ask if they can join us. Wow. Next week I’ll do a couple of posts on why I think unchurched non-Christians would want to help start a church (which is something I’m asked about a lot.)